Welcome to Canadian Foundation for Children with AIDS

CFCA is a non-profit organization that helps HIV+/AIDS children and their guardians in sub-Saharan Africa who have no other access to aid. CFCA provides livestock, seeds, nutritional supplements, and school fees to benefit children affected and infected by AIDS in its targeted areas. Currently, CFCA is working in Kenya, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

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2015 Help Kids Grow Up Charity Golf Tournament

The 2015 golf tournament was an incredible success! Now, 20 families (97 children) who are caring for children affected and/or infected by AIDS will receive husbandry and basic veterinary training in Uganda. Once they are trained well, they will receive seeds and livestock so they can grow gardens with a variety of nutritious vegetables and fruit and can raise animals to provide them with eggs, milk and meat. Thank you to all of you who participated - thank you for providing hope to these children and families and for giving them a future.
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